Sabine - Sapo Sapo

Sabine - Sapo Sapo

"I’ve been looking for a long time for a neutral soap that cleans and moisturizes my skin and hair without polluting the water, I haven’t found I created it...a soap that protects the Earth and our body.
OBJECTIVE: consume intelligent using quality products for our well-being, multi-use and eco-friendly. This is my reflection, my concept of life".


picture : French Guyana 2019

Individual history



4 offspring

17 years of French National Police

Rural Veterinary Assistant

Visual artist


Sports: feet in the water...on Earth and on Guard


  • 2015 : autodidact

    Daughter of her works in cold saponification
  • 2017 : professional soap maker in cold saponification

    Regulation of European cosmetics level 1 and 2
    Good manufacturing pratice (B.P.F)
    ISO Standard 22716
    Representations at the Chamber of Agriculture of the Central Region (France) in Kaisen (business creation step by step)
  • 2019 : Creation of Sapo-Sapo

    At the Chambre des Métiers de l'Artisanat of Cayenne (FRENCH GUYANA)
    GUYANA markets.
    La Madeleine Barracks Christmas Market.
    Shows :
    - Yanartisanat 2nd Stand presentation price
    - Made in Guyane.
  • 2020 : Fort de France - Martinique

    Registered at the Chambre des Métiers de l'Artisanat of Fort de France (MARTINIQUE)
    Creation of the online shop approved at the International.
    ISO Standard 9001.
    Support the association GUYANE PLAGES PROPRES.
    Interview Radio Guyana the 1st section biodiversity which innovations for our environment.
  • 2021 : Foreign development

    Brand development on products in French Guiana and abroad.