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Natural ingredients

Professional independent soap maker, i use first rate material, conventional and local, only from nature, available here in the overseas, to take care of your skin and hair.
Co;d saponification process - Sapo Sapo

Cold saponification process

I use the cold saponification process. I use this process that makes soap naturally rich of glycerin, best natural moisturizer.
Natural soap - Sapo Sapo


My soaps are naturally moisturising superfattedwith 3 % glycerin : zero impact for nature.
Innovative soap - Sapo Sapo


I use corn oil, an oil not used in soapmaking but that allows me to produce a multi-purpose soap : Body / hair /face / shaving. Mainly known for its antioxidant and moisturizing character. For dry areas of the skin and skin infection. Besides the skin, it is used to repair hair, keep water in the hair fiber and make it look beautiful and shiny, just like olive oil.
Transparency and readability - Sapo Sapo

Transparency, readability

The soaps are accompanied by a label with the used raw materials written in French and INCI international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients. This information is of course present for each soap online !
Minimalist soap - Sapo Sapo


A minimum of natural ingredients for maximum benefits
Made in France - Sapo Sapo
Sapo Sapo

Made in France


International delivery. For destinations, check the general terms of sale
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